Live Your Tomorrow, Today


Art by Bad Moon Art Studio


Chasing the Sunset


Sunset Rising follows Novae Saitoishi, a cyberpunk girl living in the year 2085. Follow her story as it unfolds through our custom cyberpunk content, crafted to tell a remarkable story of technology, fighting for what you believe in, and never backing down. Watch her live tomorrow, today. Through the eyes of various artists and their different styles, get a unique look at Novae as she chases the sunset.

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Art by @dvpalumbo

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Micro-Content Generation

Novae is the face of Sunset Rising and she will guide you through all of what Sunset Rising is doing. From fashion and merchandise, to daily living in her world. See her in high-fashion advertisements or lounging around her apartment.  

Art by @strangerwalker

Original Styles, Art, and Stories

Sunset Rising produces original content based upon the fictional life of Novae Saitoishi. Follow our YouTube channel and Instagram page to see Novae in different scenarios that reflect the cyberpunk aesthetic. From digital shorts, short stories, and live action clips, Sunset Rising brings the future to you.