Fashion in the cyberpunk genre is very unique. There are no rules and anything goes. Take the anime Akira for example. In Akira, you see Kaneda wearing a leather jacket and pants outfit. His friends wear jean jackets and cotton shirts. Moving to the movie Minority Report, you see the same. Fashion styles in the near future aren't too dissimilar from what we wear now. The basic tenet is to dress how you want and be comfortable while wearing it.

Now, the biggest misconception about cyberpunk is that it is all leather or techwear brands. That is false. While techwear may look like the default style for a cyberpunk style, it is only a part of the overall aesthetic. Another misconception is that cyberpunk is muted or dark colors. The world is full of color and the cyberpunk aesthetic is no different. Depending on the movie, show, anime, you will find colorful interpretations of what can be considered cyberpunk. Also, let's not forget the crucial part in it all; the 'punk' element. Patches, rips, or stitched together pieces is undoubtedly punk and fits in nicely with the overall aesthetic.

Below we go over some simple items and styles to help highlight what we consider cyberpunk. Where possible, we will provide links for further browsing.

techwear fit.jpg

'techwear' is shorthand for technical wear, clothing with more advanced fabrics and features. Most deal with heat and moisture control while others may provide breathable help as well. Techwear can be found in a lot of clothing from base layers (t-shirts) to jackets and pants. What differentiates techwear from a lot of other types of clothing, is the versatile nature it can be worn in. From corporate to hiking in the woods to snowboarding.

black jacket.jpg
high fashion

Cyberpunk aesthetic in high fashion is a short crop jacket or blazer that can be adorned with color accents if desired. It is also expensive fabrics and materials to create looks for celebrities and those that want to stand out from the crowd. This style isn't seen as prevalent as 'techwear', but it is out there. You can also have technical fabrics made into dresses and other high fashion apparel.


The image on the left is from the movie 'Hackers' and shows the different style choices a cyberpunk inspired world has. From leather, jeans, chains, and everything in between, Hackers showed a wide variety of styles. The main style they showed was punk and how that sub-genre could take and make anything into a fashion statement.


Anything from neon colored eye visors to LED accessories on shoes or bags, cyberpunk offers a place for it all. The 'cyber' part is definitely in play when it comes to accessories, as you are wanting to look as futuristic as possible. This style can be found a lot in the club/rave scene.