The list of movies below are situated in as alphabetical an order as possible. They are broken up into sections of Cyberpunk, starting with live action films. Where possible, we will link to a video to give you a quick peek at why we consider it cyberpunk. Remember, this list is subjective. Missing live action movies such as Ghost in the Shell had an animated counterpart that we feel did a better job.


  • Altered Carbon (series)

  • Blade Runner

  • Blade Runner 2049

  • Dredd

  • Elysium

  • Freejack

  • Hackers

  • Johnny Mneumonic

  • Judge Dredd

  • Matrix (First Movie)

  • Minority Report

  • RoboCop

  • Strange Days

  • Terminator

  • Total Recall

  • Tron


  • A.D. Police

  • Aeon Flux

  • Akira

  • Appleseed

  • Armitage

  • Battle Angel Alita

  • BubbleGum Crisis (Tokyo 2040)

  • Cyber City Oedo

  • Ergo Proxy

  • Ghost in the Shell

  • Goku Midnight Eye

  • Kite

  • Metropolis

  • Parasite Dolls

  • Patlabor

  • Psycho-Pass

  • Serial Experiments Lain

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